Accounting Management, Inc.

Why Use AMI?

Outsourcing" means that we do your accounting tasks at our office, using our equipment. We can provide complete back-office functionality. "Insourcing" means that we come to your location and use your equipment, but we remain an outside contractor. We are large enough to provide a wide range of services, but small enough to become personally involved in your operation.

Benefits of Outsourcing or Insourcing Your Accounting

  • Freedom From Employment Issues

    As a corporation, we provide for our employees insurance, workers' compensation, overtime, and other benefits. You will no longer have to be concerned with issues of termination, among other potential difficulties of having an employee.  

  • Access to Multiple Levels of Expertise

    When you hire a bookkeeper, you must find one person who is commonly fulfilling tasks that are too simple or too complicated for their training and experience. As an accounting team, AMI provides service from the simplest data-entry to the most complicated management accounting needs. 

  • Protection Against Disruptions

    If you have had a bookkeeper suddenly leave your company, you know how disruptive (and expensive) it can be to cover the tasks in the interim while looking for a new employee. We cover your accounting as a team, and ensure that someone is always on task.

  • Flexibility of People and Schedule

    You will be able to make changes to tasks, hours, and staffing quickly and easily. We offer month-to-month agreements that you are free to alter as your business and accounting needs change. You select the services you need.

  • Cost Management

    You may not be aware of the many hidden costs of having ineffective accounting. Your CPA may be charging you for the extra time required to clean up your data. You may have a bookkeeper who is taking much longer than needed to perform the job essentials. You are paying for vacation time and sick time. With AMI you will have control over hidden costs. We establish our fee and you will always know what you are paying for your accounting. In many cases, even though we are providing a higher level of service than you had before, your total accounting cost will be reduced.

  • Restored Focus on Your Business

    If you are a successful entrepreneur, you are likely not an accounting expert. You have difficulty turning from the needs of running your business to the needs of overseeing your accounting function. You find it hard to know which applicants will truly be able to meeting your accounting needs. You aren't sure how accurate is the information you are provided, and don't know how to verify its integrity. Leave these problems to us, and focus on the areas where you are most effective and needed

Benefits of AMI Versus Large Agencies

  • Staff Consistency

    AMI hires accountants and bookkeepers who have chosen this work for their long-term profession. They are not looking to use their position as a stepping-stone to an industry position elsewhere. Once you hire us, you can expect a long-term relationship.

  • Local People

    AMI staff are your neighbors. They are not coming from a distance or doing their work remotely unless you choose that approach. We like to keep constant contact with our clients and become "insiders" at heart with your business. You can talk with any of our local customers (whom you might just already know) in order to get references for our work.

  • Cost Savings

    Compared to large agencies, we have relatively low overhead. We are therefore able to provide even temporary staffing needs at a fraction of the cost you would pay with large agencies.

This list is far from exhaustive. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss your specific situation and needs.

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